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While my husband was away

While my husband was away

The strangest thing that happened to me was when I was 21 years old living in Louisiana and married. My husband was in the Army, but had to go away to training for about a month.

As the Army loves to schedule trainings and field problems last minute, he was scheduled to be away during the time my friend had booked a ticket to come see me. My friend couldn't get a refund on his ticket, so in agreement with my husband, he came to visit me anyway.

This never looks good for any Army spouse to have an opposite sex friend visit, especially when the husband or wife is away at training.

We had a great time. We went to New Orleans and got drunk every night.

Back on base, we had a party with some of my college friends. I was drinking and, as usual, was the first to go to my bedroom and pass out (due to being tired not due to being too drunk).

I woke up the next morning and realized that my friend was in bed with me and my shirt was off. I got up screaming, “Oh my God!! What am I going to tell my husband!! Fuck shit!! What did I do!!??”

And the person lying in my bed kept saying, “Sara, Sara, calm down it's me!”

And I stared at him and continued screaming, “ You don't understand!! My husband is going to kill me!!”

I was pacing at the end of my bed.

And then the person lying in my bed started laughing.

And I stared - sorry GLARED- at him. It wasn't funny.

He continued laughing.

And then I must have woken up because I recognized who was in my bed. It wasn't my friend.

It was my husband who looked nothing like my friend. He had returned in the middle of the night, let himself in and crawled into bed. He tried to have sex with me, hence the reason my shirt was off, but I pushed him away and he figured I was tired and let me sleep.

I jumped back into bed crying. I had never been so happy to be wrong.
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