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Haunted Duplex

Haunted Duplex

I lived in a haunted duplex and that was after my mom had lived there. She kept telling me about these ghostly encounters she was having. I thought she was going crazy and she begged me to take over her rental lease that was for a year. I started to get worried by her actions and thought maybe she needed to move and get away.

The first week I was there I heard a girls voice just outside my family room window, but no one was ever out there. I started seeing a picture of a girl who had been missing for a few months and it weighed heavier on me than usual. I would see her everywhere then people around me started to talk about her. I thought it was very odd and didn’t understand why I was feeling this girl so strong. One night I was sitting on my bed with my husband and one of his friends that stopped by was also in our room as I went into my first lucid dream. I didn’t even know what a lucid dream was until after this little event. I could see where this girl was buried all who were involved and basically everything that happened to her. It freaked me out for I was awake but asleep and I drew out what I was seeing and I instantly said this is that missing girl. I eventually found this place I saw and I found items that belonged to that girl and more.

This duplex had so many spirits in it or around it that made it hard to just ignore. The one across from me I warned the two people that were trying to each rent the duplex about it being haunted. They both looked at me and thought I was crazy as they moved in any way. The first one woke up in the middle of the night to there heater (which was off) red hot and a blanket about to catch fire. That next morning the female that lived there was freaked out and wanting to talk to me about what I had warned her of. The second lady moved into the other one with her two boys and was in the military so she really thought I was nuts. It wasn’t more than two weeks and her boys wouldn’t sleep in their own beds. She asked me what she should do about this for they were really scared she said. I told her to move and get out of there if they were that traumatized by whatever was there. She sent the boys somewhere with family as she stayed behind and packed up. While she was packing she said whatever was there got really angry and her cupboards started slamming. It didn’t want her to leave I guess!
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