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Shared Dream

Shared Dream

I was camping in the middle of nowhere with my husband. We both woke up in the morning at exactly the same time, and both of us were seeming pretty startled.

Me: "I just woke up after hearing a doorbell ring."

Him: "Me too..."

I mean it had to have been a dream right? There's nobody or no buildings around us for miles. So I decide to go on about the dream I was having.

Me: "I was dreaming we were at my parents house and you..."

Him: "Me too, I was spilling wine on your mother's rug."

Me: (getting freaked out) Jesus Christ... and my father was there and he was getting really irritated at you."

Him: "Yes, and I kept spilling more and more wine every time I tried to stop"

This conversation went on for a few minutes. Everything he told me was accurate to my dream, and he said everything I told him was accurate to his. We described the same rug and my father saying the same things, being all irritated but trying to be polite and understand that my husband wasn't trying to spill all this wine but just couldn't stop.

Very strange.
anonymous Dream October 14, 2020 at 12:19 pm 0
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